A project space for analog photography, silver nitrate and analog processes, time-based media, light sensitivity, and black and white, halftones, second place, near misses, failed attempts …

Past Exhibitions

James Reeder, Director


Double Vision:
Bushwick Daily 10/15/2015

Jenna Westra Manual:
Bushwick Daily 10/3/2014

Photographs 2:
via NYC top pic, 6/4/2014
CRETUS 6/3/2014
Village Voice 6/2/2014, Photos by Jena Cumbo
Hyperallergic 6/1/2014
Hyperallergic 5/31/2014
Hyperallergic 5/28/2014

On a Dark Night...:
I Saw This Thing 11/4/2013
Bushwick Daily 10/28/2013
ArtInfo 10/28/2013
Photos from Beat Nite by Erik DuRon
Beat Nite All Stars photos by Cojo
Bushwick Daily 10/24/2013
Gallery Travels 9/28/2013
Bushwick Daily 9/26/2013

Photographs 1:
Hyperallergic 6/4/2013
Hyperallergic 6/3/2013
Hyperallergic 6/1/2013