Past Exhibitions:
Double Vision, 2015
Rachelle Bussières Monument Mineral, 2015
Jenna Westra, Manual, 2014
Photographs 2, 2014
On a Dark Night I Left My Silent House, 2013
Photographs, 2013


James Reeder, Director

May 31-June 2, 2013, during Bushwick Open Studios 2013

In its inaugural show SILVER PROJECTS presents work by Brooklyn based artists Louise Barry, Lisa Elmaleh, and Victoria Manning, as well as vintage anonymous work.

Though each artist is referencing a different side of photography's history all are using a form of analog photography. Barry's pinhole images introduce portals into a barely recognizable landscape. Elmaleh's wet collodion contact prints reduce landscape to a language of place: hill, brush, overgrowth, tree, bridge. Manning's gelatin silver prints re-stage a narrative that was clouded in origin and phase between self-portraiture and performance. The circa 1908 photographs are from an era when the postcard photograph was the social media. At its peak, one could send a card off in the morning with a note such as "will arrive on the 6pm train" and expect a person waiting at the station. And the subjects and comments were as informal and candid as anything on instagram and facebook; only methods of sharing have changed.